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The Opportunity of Being Misunderstood.

Posted on: October 20, 2010

I recently had a situation where I felt misunderstood.  When I carefully reviewed what I had said, everything seemed to be clear, but it was also clear that someone was upset with me.  This is not something I’m comfortable with, but sometimes, there is nothing we can do.  When we are sure that our intention, words, and tone were clear and someone takes it wrong, the issue may be with them. I simply expressed concern about their feelings, let them know it was not my intention, and then let it go. 

The fact that I was hurt and upset about possibly losing the friendship was an opportunity for me to heal and grow spiritually.  My upset was a signal that I was being triggered from the past and I was able to look back and realize that my child self was involved.  This awareness allowed me to release, reframe and move forward.    

When you are triggered, don’t forget that challenges are our best opportunities for learning and the people who trigger us are our best teachers.


1 Response to "The Opportunity of Being Misunderstood."

Thank you Linda! I needed this today!

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