Life Coach Linda

Goals: Move from Overwhelm to Success

Posted on: October 7, 2010

There are times when you make a goal and it feels so big and hard to achieve that it is easier to just find ways not to make it happen.  Imagine you are at the bottom of a mountain and your goal is at the top.  Yes, keep your eyes on the prize, but don’t try to jump from where you are to the top.  Unless you are Superman it just won’t work. 

 What’s the solution?  It’s simple.  Break your goal down into smaller steps and focus on one step at a time.  I have my clients make the steps extremely simple, like look up a phone number or locate a piece of paper.  Write out your goals and list the mini steps it will take you to get there.  Commit to doing at least one per day.  You can always do extra if you want.

 Instead of being stuck in overwhelm you will see progress.  The mini steps will add up and build momentum.  Imagine how much you will have accomplished in a month. The best part is that instead of beating yourself up for staying stuck and setting your goals aside, you will feel more confident and proud of yourself for the action you have taken.


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